Welcome to our new website!  Those of you familiar with our previous site will notice the blog section is a new addition.  I thought it might be a good opportunity to give you some background on us and our store.  Well the “us” in Maxwell’s House is Shawn and Karen Peterson (and sometimes tween daughter Anika).  We started the store back in 1994 with an empty small grocery store location, some IOU’s to family, a little bit of knowledge and the desire to create and run our own business.  Shawn’s background is in graphic design and fine art and Karen’s is retail merchanding and business so the two areas meshed pretty well.  (Also the fact that we were only a couple years out of college -be it young and foolish, or full of youthful energy- didn’t hurt.)   In the 17 years since opening; we’ve gotten married, expanded, became parents, bought the store building, paid off the IOU’s and found a nice niche for Maxwell’s in our beloved village of 250 people.   And though we’ve changed some, Maxwell’s House has stayed true to offering “innovative furnishings and goods”.  So-that’s the quickie story.  (If anyone out there ever wants to chat about what it takes to open your own store I’m always happy to give my 2 cents worth.)
Have a great day,