As the shorter days of fall approach, the subject of lighting becomes more important to a room. Lamps are an immediate focal point because-hey-they light up! A lamp should be a thing of beauty. We’ve got a number of favorite lamp lines. The three I’ll mention today truly make works of art and featured proudly on our website.

Kinzig Design has been wowing our customers since we started carrrying it about 6 years ago. The lamps, all given a proper name, are made by sister-in-laws Susan and Caryn Kinzig. Susan uses gorgeous glass with metal accents on the bases. (She is also a skilled jewelry maker.) Caryn’s shades feature beautiful fabrics in wonderful structured shapes. (I think she could be a hat maker to the Queen.) See more at

Luna Bella is an extremely creative company out of Florida. They make absolutely fabulous lamps, clocks, and furniture. Many of their lamps feature metal shades punctuated with holes. The light they throw out is very dramatic. Their pieces often include a mix of glass, metal widgets, beads, and other details that make them truly unique. Because of the nature of the parts they use, most pieces are of limited run.

Last, but not least, is lovely CX Design. The glass is Murano with a weathered finish that reminds me of sandy beach glass. Their fixtures are both beautiful and extremely well- made. All the shapes come in all the colors. Nice options. On a trip to Las Vegas we noticed how great they look throughout Bellagio. Not a bad customer to have! See more at